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We design and operate exclusive travel stories set in the astonishing geographic variety of the country and invite you to be the protagonists. We want to help you create your own path full of memorable anecdotes.

Our Mission

To share our passion for this country with those who want to discover the authenticity of Brazil.

We Love Brazil


Meet Camille, our luxury travel expert

Since I was a little girl I traveled extensively in Brazil with my family and I have always been fascinated by new places, each one with its peculiarities, its accents, its cuisine and its traditions. Born in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the South Pantanal region, nowadays I live in the northeast of the country, in a city named Natal, with its beautiful dunes and beaches!

This life experience gave me the passion for traveling and influenced me when choosing my career (tourism expert). Working in this area gives me the opportunity to travel getting to know the country more deeply, so that I am able and passionate to help hundreds of people seeking to enjoy the best luxury experiences in Brazil!

We want you to cherish our favorite places